Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Special Note for my Papa

I finally figured out why daddy is away. My Papa in VTA came home today after having a surgery on his hips. Wow! Must run in the family, my doctors tell me that I got some hip issues as well. Although, I love sharing everything about me with you here - I will save that post for another day (note to mom... share 'the list of surgeries' Drake needs). Anyway, back to my super duper special post!
Today Momma, Kenz and Mr. T helped me with my special surprise for Papa Don.. Gosh it was super hard for momma to not share earlier! Let me tell you... today was a ruff (haha!) day for me.. I slept all day so when mom was trying to take the picture I was misbehaving, but it looks like we captured my point!
Time for me to go back to sleeping, it's past my bulldog bedtime! I will get mom to update more tomorrow.

My Summer

Dog Days of Summer - Summer in Review
Sorry for such a long delay in sending my updates... but have you heard of Dog Days of Summer? That is exactly what this bully boy has experienced. Momma went back to work in July - leaving me to fend for myself during the days! My days were uneventful - as you can see from my picture! Most of my days consist of napping, napping and more napping! Oh did I mention I really like napping?
I do get some excitement - don't get me wrong! Kenzie is really good about sharing Popsicles... that is a bullies FAVORITE TREAT! (keep that in mind if you ever visit K?) momma says sugar free to keep my figure in check.. she's pretty funny huh?

Most da
ys you can find me guarding the neighborhood. I like to make sure it is a safe place for my kids - ya know! I am a tough bulldog.. if a stranger approached I might have to get crazy and lick him or her to death...Oh!

Hmm. what else... OH! I really like our new place.. the kids and I like to draw with chalk on the driveway..

I almost forgot... I got to go camping this summer too. That was lots of fun! I swam too (well... waded) bulldogs can't swim, we sink! So, after cooling off in the lake I got to sunbath with the ladies... cuz you know they all LOVE me! Well, mom has to umm attend to some 'maintenance' for me... the daddy is gone so momma is in charge of ensuring my total comfort while he is away visiting Nana and Poppa! OH Speaking of Poppa - hope your feeling better!!! Watch for a special post just for you.. I gotta great idea, but need momma and the kids to help me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I had the best playdate in a long time!
Thor and Ruby came over to play this weekend.
We had so much
Thor and I are best buds!
He will play chase and tug-o-war with me! Ruby hasn't quite figured out how to hang with us cool guys! She was busy playing in the sprinkler.
We had a great time playing and I was pooped after. I slept all night and most of Monday! I really enjoy our play dates and hope we can do it again soon! Mommy did say that I need to learn how to share my toys a little bit better.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 2007 - Dog Days of Summer

WOW! My first summer and it gets hot!! I have to run across the parking lot of daddy's apartment to get to the grass to go potty. Mommy thinks it is funny because it is the only time that I run these days! I am growing fast.. mommy and daddy are always telling me what a big boy I am getting to be. I weigh almost 30 lbs now (3 more and I out weigh Kenzie!!) and am starting to look like a bulldog.. or that is what mommy says (not sure what it means, but that is what I hear her tell daddy! Sometimes they joke because my head grows fast at times and it looks big compared to the rest of my body! Mom says I get that from daddy - must be true because when we go visit friends at the pub they tease daddy that his melon is big! It's ok.. we are both tough and can handle it.

So other than growing a lot and fast! The summer is going really well. I am working on being a good dog and going potty outside all the time.. but have had a few minor setbacks (ok a lot) but I am working at it everyday. I am sleeping through the night (on the bed of course!) I won that battle for now. I also get to play everyday.

I love going to the park on my walks because I can go down the slide! I love to do this and go all by myself and run back up to go again and again. Mom and dad think this is so cool - they uploaded the video to YOUTUBE - so maybe I will be famous one day.

I tend to play rough these days because my teeth hurt me so much - so if I bite hard it isn't on purpose.. they just hurt alot! I have lost a lot of teeth and are getting more and more big dog teeth. I have a toy that I like to chew on to make them feel better and will chew on it for hours at a time.

Otherwise June has been a bit slower for us than May was. Mommy is very glad! We spend time on the weekends just hanging out at home and relaxing. I started to sleep under my mommy's bed. Mommy and Kenzie think it is funny because they can hear me snoring under there when they are trying to fall asleep. I snore a lot! Mommy says that daddy and I have snoring competions almost every night we are together. Sometimes it is hard for her to sleep. When I stay at daddy's house I have gotten into the habit of barking because daddy tries to be a tough guy and not let me sleep with him.. Ha! I win! I bark and bark until he lets me up - can't keep the neighbors up in the apartment!

I had a good trip to Grandpa Budwei's house in Volcano. It is like heaven up there and I got to play with Ruegar and Pocket. They are rotweilers, one is grandpa Budwei's and the other one is Tommy's (that is Tyler's cousin!) They kept me so busy... we ran around all the property (1o acres) and I got really really dirty! I even got to dig a hole for the first time! OH.. I almost forgot I went swimming (ok kinda - I am not that good at swimming!) my butt sinks and I have to work really hard to stay afloat!

This week mommy is out of town with Kenzie and Tyler in San Deigo so I am hanging out with daddy... we have had a boys weekend.. I have gone to Roger's house twice and had a great time.. Ken has come over and BBQ'd and watched Nascar with daddy and I.. OH and the big deal of the week... I fell down the stairs backwards! YIKES that was so scary! I already didn't like going down the stairs... this made it worse.. I seem to be ok (or that is what daddy says!)

Mommy comes home on Saturday night and I can not wait! I miss her and Mackie and Tyler so much... Mommy said she will upload the pictures from Budwei's house when she comes home (they are still on the camera)

more later! xoxo, Drakey!

May 2007 Puppy Summary

Busy Time
Summer had not really started yet for us in May; but we have been very very busy! Mom thought it would be best if we just gave a summary of May and June and then got back on track for July (hopefully we won't be so busy!)
HMMMMMMMMM. I have been growing a lot since the last time we have talked! I am becoming a very big boy! Mom is proud of me as I have learned a couple tricks (ok - just 1 trick but also I am minding better) and mom is thrilled about that!!! I have learned how to shake hands for a biscuit and I also know how to sit on command. I am also learning how to lay down for one - I am stubborn so it is taking me a bit longer to learn.
Mommy and Daddy went to the motocross race (Hangtown) it was the last time they would see Ricky Carmichael so I got to stay with grandma and papa Schuster. I had a great time! I played with Cirrus and Sadie.. I came home really tired. Then the next weekend they went camping at the lake and I got to stay with Grandma and Papa again since no puppies could go camping. I was sad to see my family go away; but I got to play with Cirrus and Sadie all weekend! It was great fun. I didn't even notice they were gone!
I had a hard time sleeping at night in my kennel alone; so I would cry to get up on the bed.. I won a lot of the time! Since a barking puppy in daddy's apartment isn't too nice! (I am one SMART guy huh!) Mommy became stubborn and I had to bark more and more... most of the time I won.. but she was really tough to break sometimes.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy Puppy but a Playful One!

It's been a really long time since I have had a chance to tell mommy to update this (we are sorry!). We have been so busy with puppyhood that we forgot to stop playing long enought to update. Let me try to rack my puppy brain and remember what has happened over the last 3 weeks.
This visit was a special. Mommy and daddy were concerned about my feet and wanted the vet to take a look at me because they were concerned about how I drag my feet when we go for walks and it causes them to bleed. Not a comortable thing; but I like walks so I don't complain. The doggy doctor knew right away what she thought it was and wanted to watch me walk outside. So we went for a short walk on the strip mall. I had to pee pee so I did it right out front of a shop's door (WHOOPS!) When we went back into the doctor's office I got lots of x-rays. The doctor felt that I have hemi-vertibrae. Here is the technical version of what it means: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congenital_vertebral_anomaly.
My version is that my back is messed up! My doctor says that the vertibrae are all smooshed up together instead of having spacing between them. I really like her though.. she knows it too - cuz I show her my rocket. She thinks I am funny like that and teases me. All the girls at the doctor say I have such a personality - Mr Personality that's me! Oh and I wieghed 19 lbs this trip.
Ok.. mommy says it is time to go get ready for hangtown motocross racing - YAHOO!!! I will help her add more later.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Boy (in many ways)

My doggie doctor appointment went well. I now weight 17.9 lbs.! Got my last Parvo shot; need to go back in 2 weeks for a rabies shot. I am a big boy already at 3 1/2 months! I also found out that I have testosterone - you can only imagine what that means...mommy doesn't think it is funny - but daddy sure does.